Porto Sunday Sessions

Welcome, summertime! It’s officially here: Summer and its warm days splendour! This is that time of the year when your tanlines show up and life is easygoing.

So you’re in town for the weekend, you’ve partied at Plano B, More club or one of the many bars in the center and all your body is craving is food. You had the francesinha and now you’re feeling a lot better. But what’s there to do on a Sunday afternoon besides the beach?
Fear not my friends, we have the Porto Sunday Sessions going on!

The Sunday Sessions are an event with live DJs passing some chill out music on a nice park, where the locals gather to meet up, have some afternoon drinks and enjoy the end of the weekend. They’re happening in different public gardens from 16h to 20h until September 17th.

The next event, on the 30th of July, is happening here, which is easy to reach from the center using the 500 bus.
The sessions are off the beaten path and have been mostly frequented by locals, so if you want to have an idea of what we do to relax, come and hear some tunes with us! 
Check out the full program on their facebook page.

See you on Sunday!


Porto Walkers