Why is everybody talking about Portuguese Wines?

More and more you’ll hear some say they tried a Portuguese wine and were charmed with its quality and price. How come you didn’t hear about them before? Let’s talk about Portuguese wine!

All wine geeks know well how important France and Italy are in the realm of the Old World wines. In the past century both countries attained a reference status in the heart and mind of any wine lover. From Sangiovese to Pinot Noir, the old world grapes have conquered winemakers throughout the world, to a point of dominating a large chunk of the total planted vineyards.

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Most winemakers have adopted specific french or italian casts as their principal, following a trend of global grape variety standardization. However Portugal has evolved in relative isolation to the rest of the world.


There’s over 250 indigenous grape varieties typically blended to produce, besides the famous Port and Madeira wines, excellent dry reds and whites with a broad range of elements and characteristics.

Discover  all the different Portuguese grape varieties.

Discover all the different Portuguese grape varieties.


From the fruity Vinho Verde from up North, to the structured tannic wines of the Dão passing through the oldest Demarcated Region in the World, the Douro valley, Portugal might be the last frontier in the Old World wine realm. It's an exciting country for any wine lover looking for a grape oriented experience.

This has allowed the national winemakers to produce outstanding wines with unique characteristics at surprisingly competitive prices. So why not come and discover the portuguese wine experience? We’re positive you won’t regret…

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