What kind of person does a Free Walking Tour?

Hey again! Good you asked. Before I ever did my free walking tour I wondered exactly the same. Until I did my first in Krakow and I fell in love with the concept. 


It's hard to describe an average profile because we have all kinds of people! From professional travellers to doctors, nurses, mechanics, engineers, pilots, shopkeepers, lawyers, CEOs, etc.


No matter the nationality or language they speak, what unites the people that come to a Free Walking Tour is the desire to discover the hotspots of the city with the help of a knowledgeable local to help prepare their stay. 

Free Walking tour with David - Porto Walkers

What they take home is a fun experience, good memories, and many times great travelling companions! 


Because the Porto Walkers Free Walking Tours are guided by locals, it helps people prepare for their stay in town, and usually they participate in the tour as soon as they arrive. 


So what are you waiting for? Go discover the city with one of us! You won't regret :)

Porto Walkers