Heard about THE Francesinha?

If you have been to Porto you have certainly heard and tried a francesinha, now for the rest of you that are now thinking "what the hell is francesinha!?".

Well, the direct translation is "little french girl", but don't worry, it's a sandwich. Okay, a sandwich... So what makes it special? Rumor has it that in 1963 Daniel David Silva, returned home after a couple of years living and working in France and was somewhat disappointed with women's fashion (too many pieces of clothing) he decided to do something about it.

Daniel picked up the croque monsieur recipes and made some changes, he added several layers of different kinds of meat and also a very unique spicy sauce. The sauce was so spicy the Portuguese women started to take their clothes off, therefore it was a huge hit!

As the francesinha was created in Porto it has become a very popular local dish, so if you are coming to Porto, don´t forget to try this local delicacy.

Here are a few of the best places;

  • Café Santiago

  • Lado B

  • Golfinho

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