Are you a Foodie?

Well then, welcome to grand foodie central! We have huge variety of typical Portuguese food and the ways we serve these dishes, being in a tapas style or a full course sit down meal.

First, let me tell you about a restaurant called "Cantina 32". It´s located on a lively street (rua das Flores) where you will see from painters to violin players to juggling artists to whatever form of entertainment that floats your boat.

It´s quite challenging to get a table here, so, book in advance if you want to experience typical Portuguese food tapas style with a twist. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is really relaxed and delightful. Just try it for yourself.

Mythical Pernil sandwich at Casa Guedes

How about a "greasy spoon" ? Restaurante Bragança, located in rua Nicolau Nazoni offers a good variety of Portuguese food and it´s very cheap for what you get! Just practice your Portuguese beforehand as they don't really speak english that well. Also, don't forget to ask for a "aguardente" at the end of your meal. You will be surprised.

Stay tuned for more restaurant recommendations!

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