Eat your way around the historic centre on one of our food tours.

Try Portugal's best pastries, including the famous pastel de nata, or our delicious petiscos (finger food snacks). 

Enjoy Porto in the same way the locals do: By tasting it!

Port Wine Tour

Our best selling tour!
Port Wine is one of Portugal’s most symbolic exports and definitely Porto’s most iconic one. It's a gift of nature so unique that it can only be produced in the world's oldest demarcated wine region: The Douro Valley.




Don't just visit a cellar, with Porto Walkers you'll embark on a half-day immersive wine experience!

Portuguese Wine Experience

On this guided tour you will be experiencing Portugal and its’ wines, a country where it seems winemaking has evolved separate to the rest of the world. Here we’re home to over 250 grape varieties and thousands of delicious, price competitive wines, ready to conquer your taste! Come and find out more with a voyage through Portugal's wine regions.



Porto Walkers