What is Port Wine?

What is Port Wine?

According to some, Port Wine is a fortified wine, to which is added a neutral grape spirit that increases its strength and hacks the traditional fermentation process. Typically consumed as a dessert or aperitif, Port is the king of fortified wines, specially when referring to Vintage Ports.

One of the most interesting characteristics about Port Wine is that the Port family is quite diverse, with more fruity varieties such as the Rubys or the woody Tawnys.


Port comes from the World’s oldest demarcated region and despite the many copies available throughout the world, genuine Port is exclusively produced in Portugal. To this day no country has been able to reproduce the exact conditions of the Douro Valley, where some of the World’s best grapes are grown and Ports are produced.

Intimately related with Great Britain, the history of Port dates back hundreds of years and is still, to date, one of the strongest regulated wines in the World.

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