5 things to do in Porto

Don't be a tourist, visit the true Porto! Here's the things you should do when visiting Porto! 

  1. Visit the S. Bento train station.

    • With it’s beautiful tiles narrating part of the Portuguese history.

  2. Eat a Francesinha

    • The locals are proud of it and you should be too! It’s a 7 layer meat and cheese bomb that is delightful to comfort your stomach after a warming football match or long night out. Not for the faint of heart (or stomach…)

  3. Visit the Port Wine Cellars

    • Port wine owes its’ name to the city and the cellars in Gaia are the only place in the world where Port can age. It’s a sweet delicious dessert wine, go and taste it first hand!

  4. Visit a typical “tasca”

    • This is the kind of place that will be filled with locals, the most authentic ones. Go and find out how the Portuense café culture works!

  5. Walking through the hilly slopes of the city

    • Porto is quite a hilly city, so be prepared to walk up and down its’ hilly center! To walk down from Ribeira until the Morro da Sé, bring comfortable shoes for that!

Porto Walkers